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Home Based Carpet and Flooring

Bringing Direct Warehouse Pricing and the samples to you on quality carpet from Bliss by Beaulieu, Coronet, Hollytex, Dreamweaver by Engineered Floors, Southwind, Mohawk and Shaw Carpet in Loveland, Ohio and surrounding areas including Greater Cincinnati.

When Judy, Greg or Brandon come to your home they bring over 100 years of family flooring experience. Not only do they measure the job, they help you with practical solutions for your carpeting needs. They can talk to you about carpet twists levels, face weights, pile height and density. Judy and Brandon are the expert measures and Greg and Brandon are the technical experts in carpet and flooring. They do the seam placement drawing for the installers and when the crew comes to your home they have that drawing and they know exactly what they are doing, performing the job according to the drawing made up by Judy or Brandon. And you won’t find oil spills, leaking antifreeze and cigarette butts in your driveway or yard.

Brandon is one of the highest rated Certified Flooring Installers in the Midwest, as certified through CFI in Kansas City, Missouri. One of his primary jobs is supervising the crews, assigning the daily jobs, measuring, quality control of your installation, trouble shooting and selling.


Recent Customer Examples

We recently visited a couple with two small children and wanted us to bring a Stainmaster carpet to show them. I brought the carpet sample into the house and showed them the benefits, colors and warranty. They are planning to live in the starter home for 3-4 years. I steered them into a solution dyed polyester. WHY? Two small children and spots and stains they will create. Both parents work so it will be tough to stay on top of all the spots and stains. In my 40 years in the business people don’t replace carpet because it wears out and went thread bare. The carpet gets ugly.

WHY? In the above case…two small children making spots and stains. Not that the Stainmaster isn’t good, the solution dyed polyester will just do a better job for their home. When they go to sell they can call a steam cleaner to make the carpet look like new. Harsh chemicals that you can’t use on the nylon. And, we saved them around $ 600.00 on the total job.

Three days later we sold a 60 ounce continuous filament nylon to a retired professor and his wife who moved here from Chicago. He did his homework on the fiber because he didn’t want to replace the carpet ever again. They assured us that they eat and drink in the kitchen. Perfect match for both customers. So, carpeting can add value and warmth to any room in your home. Carpet comes in a wide range of styles, fiber types/compositions and colors. Certain types of carpeting even accommodate allergy sufferers. Moreover, almost every carpet is created from eco materials (primary and secondary backing and carpet fibers).

Trending Carpet

Carpet sales in Greater Cincinnati has undergone a total transformation. Today’s consumers like soft carpet. Pure Soft (Cashmere) by Dreamweaver Carpet has been a huge seller over the last several years. Carpeting is also available in multi level loops and cut-loop-cut patterns, allowing diamond, bow, pin, and even pin dot designs for that “sculptured” look. Textured wall to wall carpet styles also work well with the laid-back Cincinnati casual lifestyle, since they lessen the amount of furniture and extra pieces a room needs to look complete.

Frieze carpets are very popular and come in an array of solid and multi (flecks) colors. Frieze carpets come in tight twists and loose strands like spaghetti. They also come in a plush look while still reflecting that frieze look of highly twisted carpet fibers. Then of course there is the ever so popular berber loop carpet that comes in patterns, flecks of different colors and now even the new rich look in berber fashion featuring loops and cuts made of continuous filament nylon and polyester fiber.


Great Customer Service

You talk directly to the owners of Home Based Carpet & Flooring. We are more interested in you happiness with the purchase and installation of your carpeting than the money made off the sell. When I call you next year to ask how your carpet purchase is wearing and performing, I expect to hear you say “its doing great”. I certainly don’t want you to tell me how seams are unraveling, how unhappy you are with the selection we helped you make and how the carpet is wrinkled and coming loose in places.

So, let our family of carpet consultants (Judy, Brandon & Greg) help you make the right decision on fiber, twists, gauge, pile weight and height. Let us help you make the right choice without the hassle of a pushy salesman who’s only interested in the commission and spiffs for selling a specific brands of carpet or fiber. So we bring the carpeting samples directly to your home, allowing you to lay them down and see how they will actually look with your decor. You won’t have to envision their effect in your house from the middle of a crowded showroom floor. And we use Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) to perform your installation as well as giving you direct warehouse pricing. We know the men who are coming to your home and have known them for many years. You can trust Home Based Carpet with the purchase you make.


Before Buying Carpet, you should know about:

  • Construction/Quality Available: We know how your carpeting is made. The gauge, density, pile height and face weight of the carpet you are looking to purchasing. We will do our best to match up the carpet and specs for your particular needs. For example, a retired person doesn’t need the same carpet that a family of five does. We don’t oversell your needs but tailor the carpet to do the best overall job for you.
  • The Types of Material Used: 85% of carpet today is made of synthetic fiber. They are both staple and filament. Each type of fiber has its good and bad points.
  • The Colors Available: There are literally hundreds of colors for your to choose from.
  • The Fibers Used: Stainmaster, Wool, SmartStrand, Pure Soft, Anso, Sonoma, Soft Sense, Magic Fresh, Silver Release, Polyester, PET, and Sorona are available. We will match up the right fiber for your carpeting needs.
  • The Carpet Padding’s Quality: Rebond pads start out at 3/8 and 3 lb density. The denser the better. The more firm (density) the pad the better chance of the backing not flexing and thus saving on wrinkles during the life of the new carpet.

Additional Info:

  • Home Based Carpet and Flooring will give you a free upgrade to 7/16” 8lb. This will: Provide a firm foundation and help maintain the Look of Your Carpet for years to come.
  • You will extend the Carpet’s Life with a dense pad.
  • Be More Comfortable on Your Feet with a good carpet and quality carpet cushion.
  • Carpet is a Better Insulator: Padding helps protect from extreme heat or cold. Padding is energy efficient and saves you money.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Carpet traps allergens, which can be removed by vacuuming.
  • Improved Safety: Small children and elderly people benefit from a softer surface and improved floor grip.


Why are Floor Measurements Important?

The experts know that measurements must be done correctly for seam placement. You do this to reduce waste so you are only charged for what you purchase. Beware! This is how other companies rip you off! You need to have an idea of the square footage of the area you are purchasing flooring or carpet for installation. It’s very important. Some stores will sell you 95 square yards (855 s.f.) when the job actually takes 78 square yards (702 s.f.). If you are paying $ 3.50 s.f. installed, that’s 153 s.f. of carpet, pad and installation you paid for that you did not receive. In dollars and cents that’s $ 535.50 lost.

Lets get back to the layout and installation. We always try to avoid cross seams in carpet and we always seal the seams with latex seam sealer in addition to using a premium seam tape. Installers can purchase seam tapes starting at $ 4 per roll. Our tapes are generally $ 8 to $ 11 per roll.

Today the mills want the carpet to be steam cleaned every 18 to 24 months for your warranty to remain in effect. They must be cleaned by a cleaner who uses the correct chemicals that are eco friendly. You can ask us for a list of those cleaners. When hot water is exposed to seams after 2 cleaning or more you risk the seams coming apart using the cheap seam tape. Repairing seams is a very tough job and requires splitting apart the seam and starting over again with a possible saddle seam that would have to be installed provided you have some scrap.


What is Scrap?

Leftovers during the carpet laying process can be used so you don’t waste money. This is where many big chain stores overcharge you. They over measure too make sure they have enough flooring to do the job. We try to eliminate scrap but we are also concerned about cross seams as well.

Magic Fresh Carpet by Beaulieu With Silver Release and Perma Shield Stain Protection Installed In Cincinnati Ohio

Home Based Carpet and Flooring is a registered member of the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and abides by their by laws and selling practices.

Visit our reviews and testimony page. We have probably installed a floor or carpet in your own neighborhood.

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