Ceramic & Porcelain Flooring In Cincinnati

The ceramic tile business in Greater Cincinnati started somewhat different than the normal flooring dealers with a showroom. Most tile was sold and installed by a tile setter working out of his van or pickup truck with a very limited selections of samples. To a large extent that tradition is still in place today. However, today there are a lot more selections available compared to back in the early days of just a few samples that tile layers could put in their trucks to show their potential tile customers. Handling the large and heavy sample boards along with the vast array of choices makes the shop at home ceramic flooring a bit tough. We want you to be able to see a multitude of tile samples and that’s tough to do from a vehicle. At Home Based Carpet and Flooring we partner with several manufactures and can refer you to their large all-inclusive ceramic showrooms to make selections of ceramic, marble, stone, slate and other types of resilient flooring. So when you call us at 513-373-8540 we can talk on the phone and recommend the right manufactures showroom and even give you the name of the person to talk to at the showroom for your flooring needs. You can call them and set up a time to stop by their showroom and look at the vast display of tile samples. You will get a very good price and excellent care with a experienced tile setter.

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When you want to add elegance and style, as well as increase the value of your home ceramic tile is a wonderful choice. Traditionally used in entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms tile can actually look incredible in any room. Let us help you choose the right tile by helping you understand the key advantages of the different brands, as well as the installation process. We want your tile to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget! Got cold feet? Today’s technology allows you to even add radiant heat underneath those normally cool ceramic tiles!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been a popular flooring products for both inside and outside the home. The tiles comes in all shapes and sizes, even wood plank ceramic designs and colors. Once the clay is formed and shaped it is dried in a kiln at very high temperature of heat. This process makes the tile very hard and durable.

FAQs about Laying Tile

Q: Is my floor right for tiles?

A: A good floor for tile typically needs to have a level surface, and it must be inspected to see if the floor joists and sub floor have any deflection [bounce/looseness]. This is one reason why an expert tile setter is a must. Can the sub floor handle the extra weight of ceramic tile.

Q: If my floor is not level, what can I do

A: A new substrate will need to be laid down. The substrate can be cement board or flooring leveling Portland based product.

Q: Will the installers take away any waste?

A: This depends on you. Our installers are happy to haul away any waste products, but you’ll save money if you remove it yourself.

Q: Will they move and replace appliances?

A: Again, this is up to you. Please let us know in advance if you would prefer that we move your appliances.

Q: How long does it take to install tile?

A: Tile installation takes three days in most cases, with more time potentially being required if the area is large or the job is complex. There are, of course, many other considerations to take into account. Answers to your questions will be provided during the inspection process.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Looks – There are many different textures, colors, and sizes available – mix and match for unique designs!

Durability – Ceramic tiles are rock solid…literally! They are designed to last for years.

Ceramic tile is very water-resistant. The tile is non porous

Ceramic tile can be used in different conditions and climates.

Ceramic tile is fire resistant.

Ceramic tile is very easy to clean.

Maintenance – Nothing is easier to clean than ceramic tile, especially when it’s been expertly installed.

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If you live in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our partners so you can visit their ceramic, porcelain and stone showrooms and choose from a huge selection of beautiful hard surface floors. You can purchase the flooring at our vendor and they will refer you to one of their qualified installation tile setters. Call us today to schedule your visit.

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