Commercial Carpet Shopping Right from Your Business

You’re busy and we understand that. Call us today and let us bring samples right to your business. Commercial carpet shopping has never been easier. We have a wide selection of quality carpet that will last.

Commercial Carpet Mason Ohio

Modular Commercial Carpet Tiles

We feature 24″ x 24″ carpet tiles by Pentz Commercial Carpet. Commercial carpet tiles are a quick install and an easy to repair option for your business. Replacing a couple of high traffic floor tiles years from now can save you money over trying to salvage your roll carpet flooring.
Constructed with Encore® SD Ultima® nylon fiber or APEX™ SDP polyester fiber, our carpets retain their appearance for longer, are easy to clean and resist most permanent staining—making them perfectly suited for commercial spaces
commercial floor tile Mason Ohio

What makes carpet Commercial?

Commercial carpeting is designed to withstand high traffic, hide stains, and to be economical. Commercial carpet usually doesn’t have the plush fluffy feel like a residential carpet, because that would not last. Residential carpeting comes in every color imaginable, while the commercial counterpart has a large offering of styles and patterns meant to hide stains.

If you’re not sure what you want, we can make suggestions while looking at your space. Something to think about is what your carpet will have to endure. Do you need an office environment that just needs to withstand some coffee stains and heavy foot traffic? Are you an industrial setting that might cause your carpet to be introduced to harsher stains?

We are here to help! Contact us by phone. We sell some of the best carpet brands around for both commercial and residential applications.

Full Service Commercial Carpet Sales and Installation

You can view samples and purchase your new carpet right from your business location. We will bring samples, measure, and come back to install. Call us today and get a clean fresh new space to enjoy.