Floor and Carpet Facts. A Few of Our Most Frequently Asked Carpet Questions

How does your service work?

When you call us, we will ask you some important questions about the job you are doing, size of family, pets, how long you are going to live there, etc. We will setup an appointment to visit you and arrive with our carpet or flooring samples. Appointments Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. til 7 p.m.

How soon can you come out to show us samples and measure?

We will come within 2-3 days and sometimes the same day.

Can you save me money over the brand name stores?

Most carpet and flooring stores work on a pretty hefty margin of profit. When you pull into a store parking lot, stop and ask yourself….who is paying for the light bill, the 5-9% of sales for a advertising budget, the heat and a/c, all the beautiful flooring displays, the salespeople and their commissions they earn in the store, the people behind the scenes that make the sales happen? These are just a few of the many reasons that stores have a big markup in their products. At Home Based Carpet and Flooring we (Judy, Brandon and Greg) are the salespeople and the people that make it happen. Our exclusive shop at home service allows us to pass the saving on to you our customer. We simply don’t have the overhead that stores have, thus better pricing. Our advertising budget is you telling your friends and neighbors about our services.

Once I pick out my carpeting how long will it take for installation?

Carpeting is typically 5-10 working days to have material shipped and installed. Once the carpeting is shipped then we will call you to set up the installation date. Carpet installation is usually a one day job depending on square yards, number of rooms and furniture to be moved. In some cases depending on inventory we can speed up the installation. Hard surface (wood, tile and laminate flooring) is generally within two to three weeks.

How about your carpet installers, are they good?

Our son Brandon is one of the highest rated installers in Midwest and he is certified through CFI in Kansas City, Mo. Brandon runs the crews consisting of Jami, Ryan, Joe and Junior. He meets them at the job, goes over the layout drawing and introduces them to the cusdtomernd . He usually stops by the job in the afternoon to help tidy up and to make sure you are happy with the job.

Can I trust you carpet installers in my home?

Great question! With Brandon and the above men you have our best. You can leave for the day. Your belongings are safe, your kids and pets are safe. Heck, we have people who leave and give us the keys or garage code for the day. Plus we are insured.

How good are the installers the home centers use?

Flooring and carpet installation is probably one of the biggest problems in the flooring industry. Finding good, honest, well-trained and caring professional installation crews is a major problem for all retailers across the United States.

That’s why our son Brandon runs the crews. Can you imagine having to literally direct 10 to 25- 2 man crews every day. We direct 2 or 3 crews and our hands are full and we know who is coming to your home every time. When you purchase flooring from a home center in Cincinnati, there is usually a 15 page summary and contract for you to read and sign. And you have to pay for the job including material and labor in full before the job is even ordered. The home centers subcontracts out their jobs from up to 5-8 different installation companies. A measure man calls you from one of these companies to come and measure your job. He simply comes and measures. He is not an informed salesperson. He won’t tell you how much flooring you need. Then the install company will call the home center in 2-4 days and tell them how much they need and how much they are charging the home center for the job. The home center then calls you and gives you the total price. Middle men galore. Measure man, install company, the sub who installs for the sub company.  Then you are led to believe the whole install is only $ 97.00. Turnaround time is about 7-14 days. Those companies sub out your work to another individual independent subcontractor. Read more about the independent flooring dealer at…http://www.wfca.org

Do your installers use good seaming materials and stretch the carpet the correct way?

Brandon just told me this week that the seam tape he uses is over $8 per roll depending on the type of carpet.To give you an idea of those prices…home centers have sales on seam tape for $3.50 per roll. Do you really want an installer coming to your home with the cheapest tape or do you want us and our crews coming with the good stuff. Our tape won’t release the carpet seams after your carpet is steam cleaned. And that’s what the manufacture requires every 18-24 months. You won’t find the other installers after their seams come apart from melting from the cleaning with steam heat.

What if my doors need to be trimmed off?

We can usually provide this service on interior wood doors. Metal doors require someone with experience with those type of doors. Most interior doors are wood and we can shave off the necessary amount of clearance to allow the door to close. These is a charge to provide this service. We can also nail down squeaky boards in your sub floor and also spray Kilz on pet stains that have gone through the carpet and pad and into the floor. There is a extra charge for the squeaks. If you provide the spray can of Kilz we will hit the affected areas at no charge.

If I see a style of carpet from a home center or big box store can you help me get the carpet at a good price?

Most of those type stores private label. That means they change the style name and number, color name and number and even sometimes they will say it is a Mohawk style when in effect it might be a Bliss by Beaulieu style. That’s done so you can’t compare their prices. Remember they make it sound like their carpet prices are the best in town, when actually you can’t really figure out and truly compare. That’s why they PRIVATE LABEL! They figure you are so confused you will just go ahead and buy. In a lot of cases we can cross reference the names and styles (with our years of experience) and save you $$$

I live in another state outside Cincinnati, can get you still carpets for me?

We can make arrangements to ship to you anywhere in USA, and even help find you a qualified installers.

Do you carry apartment or low-priced carpet for apartments?

We have several styles of apartment carpet that you can choose from. We also offer cash and carry values that you can take advantage of. If you choose to find your own installer we will certainly help make the pickup of carpet easy for you.

What types of carpet cushion/padding can I purchase with my carpet?

Our standard padding is 7/16″ thick and 8 pound density. The pad meets manufactures warranty requirements. We have access to pads up to 22 lb density. We carry re bond (great value for the $), virgin foam, hair jute synthetic, and rubber pad.

Can you get about any manufactures style of carpet?

There are a few carpet manufactures that we do not carry but rest assured we will make every effort to get the selection you want. What brand names carpeting do you sell ?

We carry Dreamweaver by Engineered Floors, Marquis Industries, Phenix Carpet & Floors, Hollytex, Southwind Carpet and Milligen.

How about carpet warranty?

We warranty the carpet through the manufacture. A lot of carpet stores will take a 10 year manufacture warranty for abrasive wear and add their own 10 year warranty to that and you have 20 years. Now if a mill tells me 10 years, why would I add another 10. They are saying (and they make the carpet) they are good for 10 years. I’m not a mill so why would I add another 10 to theirs? Do you get the point! That 20 year warranty sounds real good. The mill is only going 10 years. You really don’t think the store that is telling you 20 years is going to stand behind another 10 years on top of the 10 the mill puts out. I DON’T THINK SO.

I am sad to say that most of the carpet mills have enough limitations built into their warranty it is very difficult to comply, thus voiding the warranty. Example: if a certified installer doesn’t perform the installation. And there are not very many of them around in the first place. You must have your carpet steam cleaned by a member of the Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute every 18-24 months. You must keep your receipts. You can’t use your own carpet cleaner machine, nor rent one at the hardware or grocery store. If you do any of these things, you have voided your warranty.

My advice??? Know your carpet and flooring dealer.

Why are seams so important?

Upon close inspection, if a seam does not line up correctly it becomes very noticeable. Plus, seams create wear problems with the carpeting. Attention to where seams go and the quality of seam tape is very, very important. It is very important not only to use the correct seam tape but to seal the seams with seam sealer. We get the job done right the first time.

What brand names do you use?

Phenix, Hollytex, Milliken, Dreamweaver by Engineered Floors, Marquis Carpet, Southwind Carpet, Tarkett, Nafco, Earthwerks, Armstrong, Beauflor, Pergo, Somerset Hardwood, Mullican Flooring among others.


Before you leave your house to shop for flooring……check out a stores reviews on social media. Today some 80% of consumer’s shopping for products check reviews before they even leave their home. There is website address http://www.complaints.com Go to it and type in a name of a store or home center or big box store. Just watch the complaints come up on installed jobs. Then you will see what I’m talking about.


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