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Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Home Based Carpet and Flooring brings the wood flooring samples directly to your home so you can see them where you use them. Maples, hickories, red and white oaks, birch, exotic woods and bamboo. We prefer to sell American made hardwood flooring products. As a matter of fact, one of our largest suppliers of wood floors is located in Somerset, Kentucky and uses trees from a 200 mile radius of Somerset. Brandon, Judy and I visited the saw mill and production plant several times over the last four years and were very impressed by the excellent way they go about choosing the right trees, the re-forestry of planting new trees to replace the ones taken for flooring and the people who make the product. Just down home kind of folks.

Prefinished Somerset Hardwood Flooring Installed Milford Ohio


All of the products Somerset Hardwood Floors manufactures are made in the USA.

Besides Somerset Hardwood we also sell Mullican Flooring and Harris Hardwood at direct warehouse pricing and use Certified Flooring Installers to perform your wood installation. There’s no better way to add warmth, elegance and value to your home than installing beautiful hardwood flooring. We even use Aqua Bar under layment under our wood installations. It is a very good moisture barrier and brings quietness under your new wood floor. Nature has been providing hardwood for flooring and home building for centuries. Let Home Based Carpet and Flooring help you get your hardwood order in the system today. We also sand and finish existing wood floors. We usually use oil based stain and urethane coating.

TIDBITS About Wood Flooring

Hardwood can be “solid” or “engineered.” What’s the difference?

Solid – This is a single piece of wood, typically ¾” inch thick. The material is primarily gathered from American or Canadian forests, and nailed down during installation.

Engineered – This product uses several plies laminated together to form planks. Then the top surface (the real wood) is a layer of veneer. Most planks can be glued, stapled or floated over various sub floors. All of Somerset engineered wood flooring is manufactured in a new plant in Cookesville, Tenessee (west of Nashville) and is 1/2″ thick. Engineered floors are usually more expensive that solid because it has more locations in the home that it can be installed. Basements and rooms on concrete slab where 3/4″ solid can’t be nailed to name a few. Be cautious though because many engineered floors can’t be refinished. We just recently replaced a 3/8″ engineered wood floor that the homeowner had for 8 years or so and it had cupped, and in certain high traffic areas had worn through the veneer. We replaced the floor with1 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ wide nail down character grade mystic white oak.

Mullican Natural Red Oak Flooring Installed In Cincinnati Ohio

Our Hardwood Floor Options:

Construction Styles – Solid, Engineered or Long strip

Sourcing – Domestic or Exotic Wood Species

Sheen – Satin, Semi-gloss, or Gloss

Staining/Finish Colors – Can vary anywhere from very light to deep, dark, rich tones. Stain and coating can consist of water or oil based finishes.’


One of the best ways to care for your new wood floor is to vacuum it with a soft floor attachment, or to use a soft bristle broom. Many wood floors (pre finished) have beveled sides or ends,so you will want to be sure and get the dirt out of the joints.

ATTENTION…. Do not get a bucket of soap and water to clean your new hardwood floor.

Avoid using cleaning products made for sheet vinyl and vinyl tile floor products. These chemicals can damage your wood floor. Use small cotton throw rugs at all entryways, and also where you stand at the sink. These rugs can pick up dirt off your shoes and keep your new hard surface looking beautiful. Avoid using mats with rubber backs as throw rugs. These can discolor the wood flooring.

When you have to move pieces of furniture, pick them up instead of dragging them.

Avoid sliding anything hard across the wood’s surface.

When you get a spill, simply wipe it up quickly with a dry cotton cloth.

Avoid having any type of athletic shoe with cleats on the wood floors. Get the correct cleaning products designed for your type of hardwood floor. Some manufacturers will even ship cleaning products to you at no or minimal cost.

We prefer to sell wood floors products that are made in the USA. These products have better manufacturer support, and any problems can usually be handled quickly and easily. We use Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) in Cincinnati and we are member in good standing of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). There are a ton of companies who outsource the manufacturing to foreign countries. So many of these companies do not deal with a legit middle man and are stuck trying to get complaints resolved and speaking a foreign language they probably don’t understand and calling in the middle of the nite on your complaint because the manufacture is 12-14 hours ahead of our time. At Home Based Carpet and Flooring we choose to deal with hardwood factories right here in the good ole USA like Somerset Hardwood Flooring and Mullican Flooring.

Hardwood wood flooring pre finished wood color collection Somerset Hardwood Flooring Sales

SOMERSET 1/2″ ENGINEERED COLOR COLLECTION. Color: Red oak natural. We just finished this home in Cincinnati with engineered hardwood . The 3 1/4″ wide strips were glued down to a cement floor with Bostic Best adhesive. This glue acts as a moisture barrier as well as an adhesive. Somerset’s Color Collection Strip is solid 1/2″ thick flooring crafted from Appalachian oak.

Somerset Mullican flooring sales loveland

Please visit our review page for a job that we most likely have installed in your neighborhood.

Our shop at home carpet and wood flooring business is Loveland, Ohio and we serve customers in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.


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