Home-Based Carpet In Cincinnati, Ohio Introduces Enviro Step Carpet Cushion by Carpenter

Enviro Step Distrubutor

HomeBased Carpet located in Cincinnati, Ohio are proud to announce that they distribute the new Enviro Step Carpet Cushion by Carpenter. Carpenter Co. improves its product offering and reduces its environmental footprint with EnviroStep™ Carpet Cushion Technologies Featuring DuPont Renewably Sourced Materials Carpenter Company is shifting to moisture barrier films made with renewably sourced (RS) polymers from DuPont, as a key element of its EnviroStep™ carpet cushion technology.

Films made with DuPont Renewably Sourced Materials contain a minimum of 20 percent renewably sourced content by weight, and replace existing moisture barrier films that are entirely petroleum-based. The moisture barrier, which is laminated to the top surface of the cushion, prevents spills or pet accidents from soaking into the cushion like a giant sponge. This makes it possible to pull spills back to the surface preventing the cushion from harboring permanent odors, eliminating damage to the sub-floor and preventing reoccurring stains caused when a spill wicks back to the surface of the carpet. All EnviroStep™ products are made from 100 percent “pre-consumer” recycled polyurethane trim, which is a by-product from the manufacture of virgin polyurethane used in furniture, bedding, and packaging. In turn, the carpet cushion products are themselves 100 percent recyclable, according to Thompsen.

Sustainable renewable flooring products from home based carpet and flooring

Over 1 billion pounds of urethane trim that would otherwise find its way to landfill is utilized annually to produce bonded carpet cushion. Home-Based Carpet and Flooring located in Cincinnati, Ohio serves Greater Cincinnati and Northern. Kentucky with Shop @ Home Service. Discounted prices on today’s most famous brands like Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu. Family owned and operated Home Based will install beautiful Carpenter Carpet Cushion under your frieze, plush , textured and berber carpet. We use CFI (Certified Flooring Installers).

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