Top Hardwood Flooring Colors and Styles for 2019

The popularity of hardwood flooring has been increasing in the recent past and is so far the most preferred type of floor for homes. Choosing hardwood floors can be a daunting task because there are different types of products that mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring. If you are not careful, you may end up buying porcelain tiles and engineered floors that you may not notice are not hardwood. Although it might be expensive, most people still want hardwood flooring. Real hardwood floor is not only timeless, long lasting, warm, and comfortable but also stylish.

You can always refurnish your floor with time to change its style and color according to your preferences and fashion trends. For the best results, you need the real hardwood floor. Floors serve as the foundation of a home because they set the tone for decorating styles. Not all colors are suitable for homes, so you have to be careful. Here is a detailed description of top hardwood flooring for 2019.

Dark and cool toned

Most people are shifting towards lights and darks (both extremes). Browner and cooler tones are also a favorite to many. In case you have noticed, warmer and redder tones are less popular. People without kids at home prefer to go for dark tones. Most people prefer cool tones. People are now avoiding yellow and brown/red blends among other types of warmer tones. People are drifting towards pure tones.

If you are looking for dark toned wood flooring in Cincinnati, you can try out true black or blend Jacobean/ebony or also go for a 50/50 blend of dark walnut and ebony. As the name suggests, true black is the blackest stain you will find. For a modern feel and a darker look, go for true black. The negative side of true black is that it shows dust easily.

Gray blends and gray

This is yet another hardwood flooring that has been rising. These tiles look like natural wood. Since 2010, the demand for gray hardwood flooring has been increasing. Refinishing floors gray can be quite challenging. It’s always advisable to hire an expert who has experience in hardwood floors. It is not surprising to hire a contractor who may not be in good a position to do the job appropriately.

You will continue seeing more gray variations. You can blend in brown tones for a beige look. You will also see several variations where gray is integrated with ebonies/blacks or dark browns in 2019. Gray is really cool because it gives your home a modern look. Additionally, it can blend well with other colors naturally.

Light and natural

Yeas, you the opposite extreme to darker colors is also a great choice. Light is the second most preferred hardwood flooring. In 2019, people are likely to go for cooler tones and avoid the yellows. Those who really like this trend go for high grade and those that are environmentally friendly.

Bona traffic HD is an awesome product that gives a light and muted look. It looks natural and has a contemporary look. The best thing about it is that it does not have a yellowish tint. For hardwood floors Cincinnati, you can never go wrong with Bona Traffic because it smells less and is good for the environment. Another notable thing about this product is that it cures and dries faster. It might be more expensive but worth every penny spent. You definitely want something that does not look artificial, so this product does the job perfectly.

Whitewashed floors

If you thought whitewashes are gone for good, you are wrong. Whitewashes are growing in popularity. If you remember whitewashes from three decades ago, you will be happy to know that they have been modernized and reinvented. Today, white washes are more matte are a bit subtle in character. If you are looking for a modern look white oak works best. Mineral streaks give hardwood a linear look for that elegant style. Red oak has heavy graining that gives it a traditional look. Whitewashed hardwood floors are durable and have a premium appearance.

Natural looking finishes (flatter sheens, satin and matte)

The demand for satin and matte finishes is becoming popular. These finishes are difficult to maintain. Although they look great, they show dents, scratches, and dusts easily. In the recent past, the demand for flatter finishes has increased. They can as well be used for walls because they have a stylish look. Satin and matte finishes are not only becoming popular but also practical. If you are the busy type who have no time to frequently wash your floor, this type of flooring is the most suitable for you. They also look good for a long time.

Pre finished wood floors

You can easily recognize pre-finished wood floors because they often have stripes on their edges. You can easily see the underlying color if the wood has a stain. However, it is not obvious to see the stain when looking for samples. Once the wood is installed on the floor, you may notice the stain.

In 2019, the demand for unfinished engineered woods is likely to increase significantly. Those with a thick top layer can be refinished many times. In most cases, the wear layer is between 4 and 6 mm. The wood is approximately ¾ inches thick. As a result, customers can get wider planks and higher grades of wood.

Pre-finished flooring is usually factory-finished. This means that they are individually finished. Aluminum oxide is used to bake the boards to give them a hard acrylic finish. Installing pre-finished hardwood floors takes a short time. Interestingly, you can put furniture and walk on them immediately after installing them. No chemicals are applied so there is no irritating smell.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is more expensive than prefinished flooring. However, the actual material for pre-finished hardwood floors may be expensive. The decreased labor and installation costs make them less expensive overall than unfinished floors. Unfinished hardwood flooring is the best if you are looking for the real wood appearance.