Explore Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends – It Speaks Style

Hardwood Flooring Adds Style

Your home speaks a lot about your lifestyle and personality and hence most homeowners leave no stone unturned when it comes to working on their home decor. Flooring is one of the most important elements of your home décor and deserves attention. While you have number of options at hand with flooring, nothing beats the style and the aura of hardwood flooring in Cincinnati. These create a very warm and appealing ambiance in your home and being natural material are considered to be healthier compared to other flooring materials. Wooden floors have been used in construction since before the United States came into existence and there is a sense of timelessness attached to them.

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These days most homeowners prefer pre-finished wood flooring in Cincinnati and this can be attributed to the durability of these floors, their ease of installation and ease of maintenance. Being pre-fabricated these can be installed in your homes in no time and you have great number of options to choose from, which isn’t quite the case with traditional hardwood flooring. These also increase the value of your home and attract buyers easily. Like all other aspects of life, styles and trends in wooden flooring keep changing with time and here we shall take a look at some of the latest trends in Somerset hardwood floors that would definitely add that extra bit of stylishness and sophistication to your life. Here are three trends that you need to look forward to this season.

Oak Flooring

The first choice flooring material for many home owners, it is extremely hard wearing and has been used over centuries. The above pictured wood flooring is Somerset Hardwood red oak.  The attractive grain of this wood surely puts it ahead of the rest varieties of hardwood. The biggest plus is that this wood tends to improve with age, the color getting richer, making oak flooring truly timeless.

Hickory Flooring

It is one of the most common hardwoods that are used in flooring these days. The fact that it is available in 20 different species, each having its distinct grain and texture, makes it trendy. Hickory is dent-resistant and comes in a variety of natural colors. Another great advantage of hickory floors is that they are long lasting, this can be attributed to its strong and sturdy nature.

Maple Flooring

This is another flooring hardwood that is trendy these days. Being scratch and dent-resistant makes it popular with homeowners, as it is low in terms of maintenance costs. Another great advantage of Maple is the fact that it is non-porous and doesn’t absorb stains easily. You will have an option to choose among different styles and shades of maple flooring.


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Caring For Your Floors

Installing the best hardwood flooring is only half the job you also need to care for wooden flooring thoroughly. In fact, your floors look as good as you keep them. Floors undergo intense wear and tear compared to any other part of your home. You might notice the first signs of wearing in areas that experience maximum traffic in your home. Hence, preventive maintenance is must to maintain their natural elegance and here are some of the things that you must do to retain the wow factor of your floors.
• Broom or vacuum the floor with a soft bristled attachment or soft broom to remove the dust particles that can leave behind scratches. Avoid using rotary attachments as they may cause damage.
• Direct rays of sun can damage sections of your flooring and you must prevent this with protective coverings on your windows.
• In case of spills or spots wipe them off immediately with a damp cloth and avoid using industrial cleaners or other chemicals.
• Trim the nails of your pets and keep their claws clean as they can leave behind ugly scratch marks that damage the floor.

While these preventive maintenance measures go a long way in retaining the elegance of your wooden floors, periodically you need to redo the floors by hiring professionals to give them a new lease of life. A professional contractor would sand, stain and finish existing (old) wood flooring in your Cincinnati home to bring them back to life.

Wood floor installation and prep

Here is how this job is carried out


This is the first stage of redoing a floor and as the name suggest it removes old layers of your floor and brings out fresh and smoother layers of the hardwood adding to its elegance.


This process involves adding stain to the freshly sanded wood floor surface. Depending on your taste you can choose from many different kinds of stains.


The last and the most important stage of redoing a floor, finishing determines the elegance of the flooring. This plastic like coating on the surface of your floors retains it sheen for a long period of time and protects it from damage and scratches.


All this information will surely make your flooring selection and maintenance job easy. Remember floors can define your lifestyle and hence you must add your personal touch to it. Happy flooring!