Hot New Product…Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile in Cincinnati,Ohio

Hot New Vinyl Flooring Product…

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile in Cincinnati,Ohio. I was looking back at our sales of wood flooring for the calender year 2013. Our real wood sales are a little down from 2012 but, what we are off in wood sales we have certainly made up for with luxury vinyl planks and tiles. We carry Earthwerks planks and tile, Nafco planks and tile and LogiTech planks that clic together. All three lines are so real looking it is easy to be fooled. The advantages are tremendous and you should really make yourself aware of the beauty and ease of maintenance of luxury vinyl vinyl flooring products. Every EarthWerks tile and plank has been designed to give you the feel of its natural counterpart. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then hardwood flooring, metal and natural stone tiles have never been more complimented.

luxury vinyl tile cincinnati ohio home based carpet and flooring.

Innsbruck is a very popular vinyl plank from Earthwerks. It comes 3″ wide and the planks are 36″ long. The gauge of the material is .080 and the wear layer is 8 mil. It carries a 10 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty.The products carries a minimum 50% recycled content label. There are 3 colors in the plank that will add a real wood look to your decor. One of the advantages of the vinyl planks is you don’t need to increase the height of your floor by a using 3/4″ solid wood product. It can also be installed on grade or below grade and is installed using Earthwerks adhesive. This flooring is truly inspired by nature.We installed a beautiful job of Earthwerks vinyl plank in Amelia, Ohio. A couple in their late 70’s had sheet vinyl for 12 years in their condo. We installed the new plank in the kitchen, pantry and dining room. The Mrs. is confined to a motorized wheel chair and the floor is holding up real well with the heavy use of the electric chair. Spots and spills clean up with a breeze. The products can also be installed by the homeowner provided the proper subfloor is installed.

Maintenance for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank is a basic cleaning.. Once all traces of adhesive have been removed, the floor should be dry vacuumed to remove all dust and loose debris, then wiped with a neutral cleanser, using a damp mop, diluted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. After 5-10 minutes, all dirt and residue of the cleaning agent should be removed; the floor should be rinsed with a damp mop and allowed to dry. Unwelded tile floors, the water can attack the adhesive, break the bond, and cause the flooring to release from the substrate. There is 19 wood plank designs ranging from a smooth wide plank to a rustic hand scrapped plank. There are 9 tile designs in sizes from 12″ x 12″ and 18″ x 18″. Please visit the following link to view all the beautiful Earthwerks products.

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