Choosing The Right Vinyl Floor Tile

There are many flooring choices when it comes to vinyl tile, they range from traditional, plank strips to mimic wood and all sorts of various colors to mix and match. Some newer styles even have water patterns, or can simulate marble to a tee. They are tough to beat when installed properly for various styles, can stand up to lots of foot traffic and require little maintenance. Many do it do it yourself people think they can lay these easily and simply use cheap peel and stick tiles, in most cases they are loose and warped within weeks wasting time and money.

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Vinyl Tile Facts

Tile Construction Bytes: A composition of 4 layers:Protective wear layer is Urethane, this high-performance layer is cleaned easily, plus adds to scratch and scuff resistence. Better urethanes offer max protection but is priced above standard urethane. Typically used in very high traffic areas. Less expensive no-wax vinyl tile doesn’t have this protection layer. Avoid this one if possible! The clear film protection layer adds durability, protects against rips, tears and gouges. The design layer: Envolves engraving images onto an image carrier, this process creates the massive design choices in tile. They can be based on natures natural beauty and creative unique patterns are left to your imagination. .Backing: This most basic layer adds strength and durability. Thickness matters in backing for construction durability.

Many Vinyl Floor Tile Choices

There are lots of choices in floor tile. The standard VCT (vinyl composition tile) is a great product to use for basements and usually comes 12″ x 12″ x 1/8″ thick. We sell this tile quite a bit for commercial installations and have installed in basements. Allow 72 hours before cleaning after the installation. Use the recommended manufactures cleaner. Then you can apply a coat of floor finish.  Luxury vinyl plank and tile has a decorative surface and usually comes in .080 thickness and also 1/8″ thickness. The top wear layer is anywhere from 3 mils to 20 mils thick. These planks and tiles have become very popular and have a authentic look of handcrafted ceramic tile, stone or marble finish. The planks resemble hardwood flooring and are anywhere from 3″ wide to 48″ in length. There are tiles that are made with a self stick  backing. In most cases these DIY products need to be installed over a very suitable sub floor. Do not attempt to install over existing sheet vinyl or other peel and stick tiles. In most cases the manufacture will want you to purchase a primer that goes over the existing cement or wood sub floor prior to installing. I would recommend that you have a Certified Flooring Installer (CFI) perform your installation. I also believe that a tile that is glued down with the proper glue will perform and last for years. The new LVT needs to be installed with pressure sensitive adhesive. In closing there is a new LVT that clicks together. You must examine the locking system (tongue and grove) to make sure the system is big enough to hold the tile together over a long period of time.

I have listed below a manufacture who makes beautiful  LVT.