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Sheet Vinyl Floors and Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

There are many flooring choices when it comes to vinyl flooring. The available styles range from traditional to contemporary, allowing you to mix and match. Some styles have patterns, or simulate marble or slate flooring. Large tile patterns (16″ x 16″) are very popular in vinyl tile and sheet vinyl.flooring. Sheet vinyl (12′ wide) floors are printed and also made of tiny granules of vinyl and limestone and this type of resilient is called inlaid flooring. Another name for inlaid is linoleum. Vinyl floors are tough to beat when installed properly. Vinyl easily withstands high traffic and requires little maintenance. Many (DIY) consumers think they can lay a vinyl floor easily by using cheap peel and stick tiles. In many cases, the floor comes loose and warps within the first year. This is a huge waste of time and money. Installing a sheet vinyl floor requires a professional. Brandon K. can pattern scribe if the material requires such a installation. Scribing is taking brown paper and making a pattern on the paper then transferring it to the vinyl. Done correctly it fits like a glove. Under cutting the door jambs is also very important to get the vinyl to actually fit under the casing. Most of the time we undercut the jambs with a electrc undercut saw.

Our unique mobile shop at home flooring van covers Loveland, Ohio as well as Greater Cincinnati. You’ll find brands like Tarkett tile and sheet vinyl, IVC Flextic sheet vinyl, NAFCO and EarthWerks luxury vinyl floors. There is also a wide variety of laminate floors. We are also members of the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

IVC Flextic Sheet Vinyl style Premier


Vinyl Construction Facts:

Most vinyl floors are composed of 4 layers:

The protective wear layer is urethane. This high-performance layer is cleaned easily, and adds to the vinyl’s scratch and scuff resistance. The clear-film protection layer adds durability, protecting against rips, tears, and gouges.

Waxed vinyl is less expensive than other types, because it doesn’t have the wear layer. Avoid waxed vinyl flooring if possible! The design layer involves engraving a visual onto an image carrier. This process creates the range of stylistic variations available in tile. The image can be based on anything from nature, or they can be a unique pattern that an artist created.

Backing is the most basic layer, and adds both strength and durability. The thickness of the backing matters because it plays a key role in the overall durability of the vinyl.

There are several types of vinyl floors:

Fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl is flexible and made to loosely lay right over your existing floor. You can save lots of money on sub floor costs by using this product. This flooring can also be fully adhered as well. This type of vinyl flooring also adds warmth and comfort under your feet by insulating your pre-existing floor.

Luxury vinyl floors come in tile shapes from 12” x 12″ to 16” x 16″. They are installed over a suitable sub floor. Tile floors by Nafco and EarthWerks are two of the top brands we sell at Home Based Carpet and Flooring. These vinyl floors have very tough finishes and require very little maintenance. Vinyl planks add the warm look of real hardwood or tile looks to your home. These floors can be glued down, and some are even a click together vinyl plank floor system. We just recently installed over 550 sq.ft.of Logi Tech luxury vinyl tile in a daycare center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The owner is very pleased with the ease of cleanup of spills caused by the small children.

Solid vinyl tiles generally come in sizes 12” x 12” and can be up to ⅛” thick. The tile is flexible. These type floors need to be installed over a suitable sub floor.

There are also 3 basic types of wear surfaces on resilient flooring. 1. No wax vinyl. These floors are usually cheaper in price and are even made in room size pieces with patterns. I call them temporary flooring options. Grandma used to have these vinyls in her kitchen. They do need periodic polishing. 2. Enriched finish floors are floors that contain some sort of urethane along with Aluminum Oxide which makes for a very tough finish. These floors are very popular and are sold all over the United States. Sheet vinyl flooring is very popular for families with small children who spill drinks, etc. They are non porous. 3. Urethane finished floors are a very good floor for fighting common household stains. They also give you a great wear layer and are easy to take care of with a mop or Swifter. If you have a black top driveway you might want to check with the us for the right flooring product because yellowing can appear over time.

Home Based Carpet and Flooring offers all of the above flooring types. We are a authorized flooring supplier of Earthwerks (Inspired Floors by Nature) and Nafco Flooring products by Tarkett and IVC Flextic Sheet Vinyl. We also sell and install commercial vinyl composition tile by Azrock and these floors are usually ⅛” thick and are very durable. We have often installed these type floor tiles in basements in homes. They are very easy to take care of and last a long time. They can also withstand some standing water. One of our most popular sheet vinyl floors is IVC which comes in 13’2” width and is fiberglass backed. The fiber glassed backing allows for installation over sub floors that might need a new sub floor if sol;d with felt backed products. Felt backed flooring is fully glued down to a suitable sub floor. Fiberglass backed flooring can be installed over sub floors that felt back vinyl can’t be because of imperfections in the sub floor. These floors can actually be laid loose over your existing floor or sub floor. That saves you time and lots money in prep work. There are limits to the amount of square yards that a loose lay can be installed especially with seams.

Resilient flooring is a very popular flooring solution. So whether it is laminate, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, solid vinyl tile flooring or luxury vinyl planks and tile products we have them and can bring the samples directly to your home. And don’t forget, we know who will be doing the installation in your home. You can put trust and put your confidence in Home Based Carpet and Flooring to get the job done correctly..



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